Notre équipe

Notre équipe amicale est composée de locaux.  oujours prête à vous aider en anglais comme en russe,  notre but premier est de vous faire passer un agréable séjour dans la "Venise du nord

Vous pouvez être certain que les membres de notre équipe ont énormement voyagé et vue le monde, ils savent comment vous aider. Que ce soit par téléphone ou bien sur place, nous serons en mesure de tirer uniquement le meilleur de votre séjour et de vous aider à amasser le plus d'expériences possible.


Sergey Morev
General director

Gotta write: something interesting soon! 

Aleksandr Dryzlov
Chief of development dept.

Date of birth: 07th of November

Languages: Russian (native) and English (favorite foreign)

Education: higher. Specialty – you may not believe me - physics of low temperature. I can hardly believe that myself.

Hobbies: music, travelling, reading, cinema, sport

Favorite movies: old Russian classics, Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, etc., etc., etc.

Favorite music: a lot of music l can call my favorite, really… But my all time favorite is The Beatles

Favorite quotation: Life goes on, it always does... until it doesn’t

Favorite food: Russian pancakes, lasagna, curry chicken, mushroom creme soup, juicy fruits, jelly

Has travelled to: 15 countries so far…

Favorite cities: native St Petersburg, Paris, Stockholm, Qingdao

Favorite place in St Petersburg: a little yard from my childhood

Does the best: twist and shout

Works in Friends because: signed a work contract

Values in other people: kindness

Attitude towards smoking: negative. It doesn’t make any sense

Life ambition: make dreams come true

Loves it when: dreams come true

Life motto: jai guru deva om

Ekaterina Novopoltseva
Manager of hostel Friends on Vosstaniya

Date of birth: 15 of September

Languages: great and amazing Russian language, English, Finnish

Education: Pedagogical University named after Hercen, the Philological Faculty (English and computer linguodidactics)

Hobbies: guitar (playing, composing, speaking, inspiring), dance (from classical waltz, passionate tango to incendiary hustle and groovy bachata) Inspirer and organizer of events and projects aimed at healthy  lifestyle

Favorite movies: motivating movies, inspiring to act, to create, to love!

Favorite music: Jazz, reggae, rock music. I prefer falling asleep to classical music or audio books on personal growth and in the car I prefer listening to "Dorozhnoe Radio"

Favorite quotation: If you want to be happy, just BE happy!

Favorite food: there is nothing better than food cooked by mothers' hands

Has travelled to: "Viking Way" (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark), Tallinn, Czech Republic (presentation at the dance and music festival), France (work), Egypt, Cyprus, Turkey, Bulgaria (take sunbath), Thailand (I adore Thai massage)

Favorite cities: Paris, Tallin, Riga

Favorite place in St Petersburg: Park 300th anniversary, and the Summer Garden, Catherine Park;). I would recommend you to take a roof tour in St. Petersburg or take a boat trip along the rivers and chanels. I love St.Petersburg suburbs (especially Priozerskoe direction)

Does the best: to invent dreams and to turn it into plans and then implement it.

Works in Friends because: Friends help me do what I know how to do the best

Values in other people: soul...

Attitude towards smoking: I plan to keep up the spirit, vigor, and clear mind till the old age, so i don't smoke.

Life ambition: every news must be positive!

Loves it when: i see around sincere, glowing, nice, kind people

Life motto: never stop! As far as affairs and relations are concerned getting up again and again, take risks and open heart ... because who does not risk ... he loses a chance to get the greatest happiness in life ... "kindered spirits" are everywhere ... you just need to configure the compass properly...


Anastasya Andreyanova
Visa dept. manager


Date of birth: 4th of February 

Languages: Russian, English, French 

Education: higher. I’m a teacher btw ))

Hobbies: art, music, enjoying my life   

Favorite movies: Tarantino, Rodriguez, Almodovar films, Star Trek 

Favorite music: rock music and some electro and space music

Favourite quotation: “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” - Buddha

Favorite food: tasty of course! ))

Has travelled to: some southern countries and Russia

Favorite cities: Lima

Favorite place in St Petersburg: Vasilievsky Island

Does the best: dreaming

Works in Friends because: likes it

Values in other people: creative, versatile, the ability to be a kid and believe in unbelievable 

Attitude towards smoking: prefer chewing gum 

Life ambition: stay true 

Loves it when: it loves her

Life motto: enjoy